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Frequently asked questions about our Umbrella Company Option

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1. When will I get paid?

2. How will I receive details of the payment?

3. Why do I have to pay both employers NI and employees NI?

4. What happens to the genuine business expenses incurred in my contract?

5. How long will it take to join Paramount Solutions Limited?

6. Am I covered for Insurance?

7. What is IR56 and how does it relate to IR35?

8. How does IR35 affect me?

9. Will I be able to receive dividends?

10. Will I have any further Tax liabilities?

11. What will be my take home pay from the contract?

12. Do you run a child care voucher scheme?


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What our Clients Say...

I am a seasoned 10 year contractor and over the years I have tried and tested a few Umbrella companies. In my opinion, this one IS the best.

Mr Peter Meenan



Umbrella Company worker

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