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Paramount solutions in conjunction with Contractor Mortgages Made Easy would liike to make it easier for you to get a mortgage.

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So how do i get a Contractor Mortgage?

If you are approaching a bank directly or a non-contractor specialist broker, the answer to the question above may unfortunately be answered, "with great difficulty".  Contractors have been posing many questions about mortgage funding for many years, but it usually returns to the question "How do you obtain a Contractor Mortgage?".

Ever since self-certified mortgages were banned at the start of the credit crunch, contractors have been trying to obtain a straightforward route to mortgage funding.

It’s worth noting that it’s easy to get an application wrong if you do it yourself. Surely you just go into Google and type “cheapest mortgage rate”, and apply for a mortgage via an increasing number of price comparison websites? If you don’t compare by rate, how are you supposed to compare deals? Like most of our clients, these questions are sensible and logical. The problem is that mortgage lenders are not, particularly when assessing contractors as a potential risk.

So Why should I choose Contractor Mortgages Made Easy?

We pioneered dialogue with lenders to explain that contractors should not be deemed a high risk for lending. This resulted in bespoke underwriting for contractors, where the gross contract income and career experience were deemed more relevant than the payment vehicle of the contractor. The advice given to our clients is completely impartial and we have access to the whole of the market.

Furthermore, we have an agreed process with banks where we can extract feedback from decision makers, regarding the strength and likelihood of success of individual contractor applications. This will help avoid a failed mortgage application based upon earnings. A failed application with one lender can hinder a successful outcome with other lenders. We are all too familiar with this frustration and can position your situation so that they do not discriminate against you for being a contractor.

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